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We Provide Mentoring, Training, Workshops, and Activities for Young People


Who can benefit from our programmes? 
  • Young people at risk of being “NEET” (not in education, employment, or training)
  • Young people at risk of criminal exploitation knife/gun crime, youth gang violence
  • Young people who’ve experienced trauma, abuse, and Neglect (safeguarding concerns)
  • Young people with behavioural needs
  • Young people with ADHD, SEN, and SEMH
  • LAC (looked after child) 
  • Young offenders and ex-offenders
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What People Say

Online Comment

No degree in the world can equal true lived experience. That is the highest and most hard fought for qualification of all. Now add common sense, and an honest desire and drive to help our youth onto a better life pathway, and we now have someone properly ‘qualified’ for the job. Great video Malachi!

A Davidson

PE Teacher

Malachi has an excellent relationship with children and has an easy going approach to young people. He is able to deal with challenging negative behaviour. He is not afraid to give constructive criticism to help the young person and aims to help each young person achieve their full potential.

I remember a time during one of my GCSE PE lessons, were one of my pupils was refusing to engage with the work. Malachi came into the classroom took the young man to one side had a chat with this young person to see what was a matter. While talking to this young person Malachi was able to give some constructive feedback to the young person this helped the young person to re-engage in the lesson and complete some of the work.

Jay Campbell


Malachi encourages young people to think of their actions and the impact it has on others.

I remember a time when a young person was in crisis and needed time to calm down. How he dealt with the situation in an excellent way.

A Mitchell


Malachi has an incredible way of working with young people, non judgmental, and sees issues from their point of view. He’s experienced where these young people are and is able to show empathy and understanding of their situation, giving them the tools to cope and change their lives for the better and have ambition for the future.

Malachi was working with a disaffected young lady whom many people had tried to help and failed he built a positive relationship with her and helped create a can do attitude in her. Not just by helping her but by building a “can do attitude “ in her and creating self belief and resilience. She was able to progress and move forward with her life.

Robert E
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