Malachi Nunes

Growing up and living with undiagnosed dyslexia and ADHD in the 90s, struggled with school and also cared for my sister who was severely disabled but died at 16.  I suffered from a stammer which cause many obstacles in my life, But I gained loads of skills from a lived experience which allowed me to work with SEN/Autism young people in Behaviour schools. I cured my own stammer and taught myself how to manage my impulsive ADHD condition.

I gained a degree in publishing, published a book with my own publishing company and pursued a career in education. I am now a mentor in the community and prisons, was a teaching assistant at a behaviour school and am now a behaviour mentor and counsellor for young people at school also in my own company called Ambitious Lives. We provide – mentoring, workshops, training and well-being activities.

Recently I’ve been filming my outreach work every Saturday in Birmingham, going to hard to reach youth in their areas and mentoring them. I focus on educating youth on sexual and criminal exploitation.